Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I finally did it. I set up our family blog. I'm hoping that I will keep up on it. I tend not to do that very well sometimes. Life keeps me pretty busy. Madison and Makenna just finished up the fall soccer season, they did very well...only lost one game! Seth played soccer this year for the first time and absolutely loved it! Ally isn't old enough for any of that yet-thank goodness. We are in the process of potty training her and some days it goes great, and other days you would think she had never even heard of the concept before. She is talking up a storm, says anything that she wants to say. My current favorite is "bless you" after anyone sneezes.
Seth is loving being the only boy. Dad spoils him rotten, but not as bad as his older sisters do. He loves anything sports, hot wheels, diego, or army. He is pretty easy going. It takes a lot for you to get him mad. He is super protective of his little sister, nobody better mess with Ally Kat.
Makenna is in first grade and loving it. At the moment she is our own personal Jack-o-lantern. I think I've lost count as to how many teeth she has lost now. She makes friends very quick, and loves to model. She was on the cover of a magazine they do up in Idaho somewhere. She loves the camera!
Madison is in second grade and her teachers dont know what to do with her! They take her to a seperate class for half the day at school so they can work with her on her level. she is at fifth grade level in reading, math, & science, and a fourth grade level in everything else. She loves to learn, and catches on quickly. She is my little athlete. She loves all sports, but says basketball is her favorite.
Kyle and I seem to have no problem staying busy. He still manages Fasental in Bayfield, and I get to stay home and be mom. I absolutely love it. Kids grow up so fast, with so much going on, and I don't want to miss any of it. I love it all. Every little teeny tiny bit of it!